Specialty Items


A nationally known liquor manufacturer recently approached us with a particularly interesting packaging challenge. They wanted to put together a promotional package consisting of eight different items. The physical nature of many of the eight items made them difficult to display. Additionally the weight of the items was more than 18 pounds! The project was for an upscale brand so the package design needed to upscale, too. A good visual presentation was important. All the job elements including structural design, graphic design, printing, finishing and fulfillment needed to be completed in just a few weeks.


Lithocraft recommended a two-piece carton, consisting of a corrugated insert and a double sidewall carton. A printed plastic sleeve would slide over both pieces to provide 100% visibility and a heavy plastic handle was used to give the package an easy carrying feature.

We presented samples for inspection and the concept was given the go-ahead.

To give the corrugated insert an upscale look, we laminated a printed litho sheet to a corrugated substrate. It was important that once the corrugated board was cut, the edges of it did not take away from the graphics. To accomplish this, we choose a solid color corrugated matching the graphics.

The double sidewall outer box was printed with a solid black background color. To keep the scorelines from cracking and exposing the white inner board, we plastic laminated the outer carton.


The entire project, including assisting the customer with press checking the plastic outer sleeve, was accomplished by the deadline. It shows that when working closely with Lithocraft, the impossible became possible at a very affordable price.