Air Filter Frames


One of Lithocraft specialties is producing paperboard (chipboard) disposable filter frames for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.

A new project for a filter manufacturing company demonstrates Lithocraftís unique expertise as well as gives you an idea of our devotion to providing a higher level of service to our customers.

A customer designed a new filter frame to compete in the retail environment against some of the largest manufacturers. They needed to get up to speed very quickly to reach the market in time for the seasonal peak buying time. To achieve this, they worked very closely with Lithocraft to develop a new design that worked well in their production facility. This design was completely new to the industry and required a great deal of research and development effort.

The project was turned over to the customerís purchasing department, which solicited competitive quotes. Another supplier came in with a lower price and was awarded the business.

When the customer received the initial filters, a problem came with them. The print quality on the frames did not meet the expectations of the customer. When the supplier was contacted, he immediately realized that the quality needed for these parts was much higher than his company could produce.

In a state of extreme urgency, the customer called Lithocraft.


After discussing the whole incident in detail, a decision was reached that Lithocraft would work to solve their problem. The frames had to be at the customerís plant over 200 miles away within three days. Lithocraft began strategically planning on how to meet the deadline. Artwork would be created on the following day, which was Saturday, while cutting dies were being picked up at the other suppliersí location and inspected and modified as needed. Sunday morning the first set of dies were ready and the printing plates were made and that afternoon printing began. Dry printed sheets were ready for die cutting on Monday; that afternoon the salesman drove a truck to the customerís production plant 200 miles away and filter production began as scheduled. There were a total of five sizes that need to be made and within a total of six days; all sizes were ready to go. 


The project was a big success with filters shipping to retail chains on time.