The Lithocraft Continuous Quality Improvement Program

To successfully compete in today's market, a supplier must become a partner with its customer. Lithocraft's challenges and goals in this partnership are to supply products on time, free of defects and at a competitive cost. In so doing, we produce a competitive edge for our customers.

To address today's competitive challenge, Lithocraft has established a quality program that involves all our employees and monitors the continued improvement in the products we manufacture. Our primary objectives are:

  • to enhance awareness of quality requirements through meetings and training sessions;
  • to review current quality programs to insure that they are in place and operating effectively;
  • to assist in the implementation of preventative measures;
  • to encourage employee involvement in the development of new products and systems.

"Continuous Quality Improvement" is an ongoing commitment by Lithocraft to design, manufacture and market products to the highest quality standards. Our Continuous Quality Improvement program has the total support of all Lithocraft employees. We are committed to working together for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services.

Defect prevention is achieved with thorough quality planning, proven manufacturing capabilities and the use of process techniques to reduce variability within the product. There are many types of control and reporting procedures. These optimum quality procedures are employed for all production applications.

Lithocraft is committed to the development of a close working relationship with each of our customers and suppliers to meet the objectives of improved quality, competitive product cost and on-time delivery. To help us serve our customers better, we will develop long-term relationships with suppliers who also are committed to the challenge and the goal of "Continuous Quality Improvement.